Capture Close-Up: Capture’s Creation

Kelsey_CCUCapture’s Creation: When Kelsey Joined the Capture Marketing Team

“While searching for an internship during my senior year at Wisconsin Lutheran College, I discovered that Capture Marketing was seeking a graphic design intern. I craved real world design experience and Capture Marketing opened that door for me. I interviewed with the company in the Fall of 2013, and worked as an intern for eight months.  As my work experience and relationships with our company leaders grew, so did my connection to the company. I was happy to be offered a part-time position while I was finishing up my last semester of college and then a full-time position after graduation.


There is so much I have learned since my first day at Capture Marketing that it continues to amaze me every day. Receiving the mentorship of our President and Vice President, Chellee and Beckie, and learning from their years of experience, have made it easy for me to jump into many aspects of this industry. Before working at Capture marketing, I always pictured myself at a small company, but didn’t realize how much that would benefit me on my career journey. Due to our size, I am able to work on various projects in addition to graphic design. I never would have pictured myself doing social media, event planning and marketing…and here I am not only doing it, but really enjoying it!


The most important practice I’ve learned here is strong connection building. I firmly believe that the stronger the connection the team has with one another and with our clients helps us to deliver the best results for our clients, every time. I am thankful to be a part of the Capture Marketing team and I look forward to continue learning more every day.”


– Kelsey Palm, Marketing Coordinator