Capture Close-Up: Capture’s Creation – Michelle Joins the Team


How did Michelle Bell come to work for Capture Marketing?

“I met Chellee Siewert, our President, seven years ago while working together at the same company. When new opportunities took us on different paths, we decided to keep in touch and would meet for lunches to catch up on work, family, and life in general. During one of our visits, Chellee mentioned that she started her own company – Capture Marketing. My immediate thought, after being excited for her, was how fitting the name, Capture Marketing, was for the company.


I felt very fortunate to know someone who was able to build an organization that was able to do so many great things and help so many people. Capturing trust and paying forward the good things that happen goes full circle when you look at Capture Marketing’s team members, their work, and their clients.


When I was asked if I was interested in joining Capture Marketing, I was humbled and honored by the request. The professionalism, personal interest, and accountability of the Capture team is something that I am proud to be a part of.”


-Michelle Bell, Marketing & Events Manager