Capture Close-Up: Words to Work By Vol. 1

Chellee Siewert_CCUWords to Work By Vol. 1

The following is a quote by Seth Godin that really resonates with me:


“Here’s a simple marketing strategy for a smaller company trying to compete in a big-company world: Choose your customers, trust them, treat them well. Say yes. Bend the rules. Show up on time. Keep your promises. Be human, be kind, pay attention, smile.”


Since the beginning, Capture Marketing made a strategic decision about the size of our company. We feel it’s imperative to be closely connected with all of our clients, to eliminate red tape and to deliver unmatched services and results. Our combination of big agency experience and boutique customer service maximizes results for our valued clients.


The agency’s size benefits not only clients, but our team members as well.  Capture Marketing believes strongly in providing each team member with a diverse set of responsibilities, encouraging team members to challenge themselves professionally and allowing for enhanced personal growth.”

~Chellee Siewert, President