Capture Case Study: C&M Presents


When Susan Broberg, founder of C&M Presents, came to Capture in May of 2016 she had a goal of increased awareness and sales related to her Packers Heritage Trail Trolley tours. During our initial info-gathering, Capture learned that C&M also offers several other tours in Northeast Wisconsin – which was not immediately clear from the existing website structure and marketing materials. Further, Capture discovered that each tour type had their own logo, printed materials and social pages.

While it was obvious that the three tours are very different from one another (one focuses on Packers, one food, the others theatre/history), our team saw an opportunity for a rebrand that included only one logo to help create a connection among brands for C&M. Importantly, we also recommended a user/mobile-friendly website with e-commerce capabilities and strategic planning/development of a Facebook business page.


Having multiple logos for one company is confusing to the end user. Capture met with our client C&M to explain the importance of a unified brand operating under one logo, while still maintaining the ability to provide various services to its customers under the brand umbrella. We wanted C&M’s prospective adventurers to clearly understand what the company is, what it does, and how the end user could easily be a part of it. The new, single logo has aspects of all previous C&M tour logos combined into one, making it easier for the end-user to identify the company.

With the new plan to have one logo for the overall brand, it was important to visually highlight the different tour types within the company. To define each tour service under C&M, we created three, clear entry points on the homepage. One for trolley tours, one for food and the other for group tours. Each are connected to a calendar and e-commerce function for ease of booking and tour payment.

The new site is also responsive design which automatically sizes to the detected device type, further simplifying the ability to purchase tickets online. This is a very important aspect for C&M as many people traveling through Green Bay purchase tickets for the tour on the day of the tour. Susan’s new website was created in a user-friendly system, providing her the ability to easily make updates as she sees fit.


Website Before&After


90% of end-users expect that a credible company will have a Facebook Business page. Although C&M Presents had a page for the trolley tours and one for the food tours, Capture recommended the creation of a new page for C&M Presents (combining both pages) to streamline marketing efforts, decrease end-user confusion, mirror the new branding of the website, and cross promote tour offerings to followers that are familiar with only one of the tours.



With a brand new overall look and clear definition of services under one company, C&M Presents is set to attract new tourists, gain more online ticket purchases and reach its target audiences with ease. Capture is really excited about the future for C&M. It’s been an amazing adventure working with Broberg, and now that adventure can be easily extended to those wanting to experience Northeast Wisconsin’s finest on one of her exciting tours!

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