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Women of Influence Symposium Recap

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There’s something so special and inspiring about women gathering together to encourage and empower one another to be better versions of themselves. It blows me away! That’s how I felt when I was among 450 women in Milwaukee attending the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Women of Influence Confidence Symposium… Blown away.

Among the keynote speakers was Jennifer Bartolotta, Founder and CEO of Train-2-Gain. Her presence wasn’t only powerful and inspiring, she was also vulnerable and confident while sharing her personal life and what she’s gained from those experiences, completely relatable and authentic!


Here are the things I learned from her that keep running through my mind since hearing her speak on Friday:

The 3 C’s – Concept Clarity, Confidence and Connect. These are the keys to being successful, not only as a professional, but most importantly in your life overall.


Own your brand… Personally and professionally because people buy products and services from people, not companies. So, get comfortable and confident with talking about yourself. It’s also important to remember that it’s not only what you say, but also what you’re not saying that makes an impression as 93% of people perceive us based on our non-verbal actions.

header2Our self-confidence is formed by bullies, external influences, and what we do to ourselves. When one of these three factors touches your life you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you. If we choose to wake up and decide to live a happy and intent-filled life every morning, any experience that comes our way can strengthen us.


As humans, we are designed to connect with others. When connecting, we must take the time to really listen. Listening helps us understand how we can best communicate to the person with which we are trying to make a connection. Also remember that everyone we connect with is someone we can learn something from.

These keys were great reminders for me of what the most important focus should be in business and in life and I couldn’t wait to share some of the highlights with those who weren’t able to attend the conference… Because that’s what we should be doing, building one another up.

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