5 Year capture anniversary

15078724_1346108188757467_5453167674800754867_nThank you for helping us kick off our celebration, Waukesha County Business Alliance! #RibbonCutting #itsofficial



Capture Close Up: #LeanInTogether with Tracie

Capture Close Up: ‪#‎LeanInTogether‬ Day 4 with Tracie of Capture Marketing

Tracie wears a bracelet adorned with the following words: Courage, Love, Trust, Honor, Family, Truth, Charity, Loyalty, Unity, Passion, Joy, Kindness, Humor, and Hope.

The bracelet was given to her by the woman who most influenced her and serves as a daily reminder of how to live life to the fullest, from someone who did.

Watch the video here.

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