“Am I Done?” By J.J. Watt

gettyimages-485536764“I’ve learned that a life without adversity is a boring life to live. I’ve experienced the highs and I’ve experienced the lows. Both are better than living in the middle.” Read more from The Players Tribune on this article here.


Should you be using LinkedIn Ads?

img_20161011_153951313_hdr“LinkedIn education targeting is extremely powerful. You can show your ad only to people who have achieved a bachelor degree, but not any graduate degree, target college grads whose degree was in a particular area of study, or even target by which school they attended. And since this data is normal information they’d put on their profiles, you can do it at scale.” – AJ Wilcox Click here to read more!

Motivation Monday

14670647_1094806980609998_8173756335197282498_nTake chances. Be bold and creative. Allow the things that set you apart from others be known to the world.

Doing so won’t only make life better for yourself . . . it’s contagious. When you let your light shine, it encourages others to brighten right along with you. Shine on! #motivationMonday